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Online Gifting

Gifts are the exquisite attributes associated with the most beautiful emotions like love, compassion & care. Gifting is the best medium of showing your emotions towards your loved ones. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or any form of celebration, gifting finds an epochal place in our lives. With the changing times, sending gifts has undergone a huge change; it has now touted as a big market and has many companies who are supporting this changing trend. The rising inclination towards this vertical, corroborated by emerging technologies has paved the way for online gift services.The online gift service has emerged as a great business opportunity for many people.  Talking about the potential of the gift market in India, it amounts to a business of $ 30 billion annually (this is as per the study of American Express). It is the next big thing in the near future; vying for the pie many players have jumped into the pool of online gift service. Celebrations are bound to happen and gifts will always remain an indispensable part of it.

Path breaking gifting service

Those days are over when gifting was restricted to grand celebrations, now people find smallest of the events to gift something to their loved ones. With the upsurge of this industry, it has introduced us to experience gifting apart from product gifting. This style of gifting has picked up pace especially among the youth who are always finding ways to make themselves look different from the league. Moreover, many online gift service. providing companies have made the process easier.

The plethora of online gifting companies has given gamut of choices to people to select from the myriad of gifting options like adventure, health, spa, book a star, souvenirs, customized gift etc. With so much happening in this field, the industry is all set to induce new changes in the mindset of people. Some of the popular websites include the names like giftxoxo, exciting lives etc. 

Furthermore, the myriads of options with the features of customization of gifts and delivery as per customer's choice have made this trend win many hearts.

Categorization of Gift:

If we broadly look at the gifting industry it can be categorized into three broad categories which include the following:

Festival Gifts:

Festivals forms an important part of gifting industry, Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Thanksgiving etc. and now the list has expanded to Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc. All these occasions remain incomplete without an emblem of remembrance, so you have gifts. As more and more people have settled abroad, online gifting has become a comfortable and easy option. People send gifts to India and vice-versa. This trend is going to surely increase as the time passes by.

Personal Gifts:

Apart from festivals, personal gifting is another aspect which has gained pace in recent times. Birthdays, anniversaries, farewells etc. contribute to personal gifting.

Corporate Gifts:

The new trend that has been observed is corporate gifting. Companies now like to motivate their employees and want to make them feel special and there is no better way than gifting. Many corporates are now using online portals to select a gift. The online portals give them an easy access to a variety of options and empower the user to customize gifts. Moreover, the cost-effective strategy and companies introducing products specific for corporate gifting have helped this idea gain popularity.

Rise of online gift service in India

In a country like India where gifting is a tradition, the emergence of online gifting has catalyzed this practice. The best part about online gifting is that it gives you global accessibility to send gifts, whether you are residing in India or outside, now you can send gifts to India on the click of a button. India is one of the most preferred countries for companies to do business so, how could the gifting industry be left behind.

Looking at the way the online gifting industry is making way into the hearts and minds of consumers, it has not come as a surprise that in India alone the digital space of gifting accounted for $400 million from $30 billion pie of gifting market. The prime reason for such astounding figures could be the exceptional economic and social development taking place. Moreover, the merging boundaries of nations have exposed people to a new form of social life. People have crossed the borders yet they want to remain close to their loved ones and exchanging gifts is a common way to do it. Many online portals have come up with cost effective packages for people to send gifts to India or vice versa. Another reason for companies rising interest to promote the idea of send gifts to India can be assigned to the plethora of festivals celebrated in India and gifting on each occasion in India is as important as breathing.

Ending Notes

Whether you want to send gifts to India or any other country, Online Gift Service forms an integral part of it. It hasnot only enabled people to select from heart-warming gifting options but has also opened new avenues of business opportunities. Many players have jumped into the pool of online gifting. People now prefer to select the online medium of gifting primarily because it delivers the product as per your choice, whether you want it to be delivered in the middle of the night or early morning, whether you want to send gifts to India or the US ; online gifting has brought people virtually together. As someone has rightly said,“The manner of giving is more important than the gift itself” in the same way, online gifting is the best way to gift your loved ones and make them feel special.