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Top 10 interesting Father’s Day facts

Father is the first hero of any child; he is the guiding star, a great friend and the most reliable confidant too. When the whole world criticizes you cruelly, he is the one giving you a supporting nod. But, how many times are you actually able to recognize his role in our lives? So, let this Father’s Day be the occasion when you bring your emotions out of close shut armor and show how much you love this rock solid support system of your life.

Father’s Day was first observed in 1908 when around 360 people were killed in Monongah Mining Disaster; of these 360 people, 250 were fathers. So, Grace Golden Clayton, a child of one of these fathers decided to pay respect to the deceased ones and thus, it became a complementary tradition to celebrating Mother’s Day.

However, this observance did not gather much mass and lost into oblivion due to poor promotion. The real buzz about the event started in 1910 when,in the city of Arkansas, a child along with five other babies, raised singlehandedly by a civil war veteran William Jackson Smart, conveyed the wish to honor the father for his commendable dedication towards kids bringing up. The original date as proposed by this child was William’s birthday, 5th June, but as clergymen found it almost impossible to organize anevent on a cit level on this date, so they decided to mark 3rd Sunday of June as the day for celebrating Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Traditions

Originally, sermons used to be preached at all the churches regarding the important of thefather in the children’s life. This original tradition has continued till date, but the things that kids did at home have gone through a makeover with changing times.

Writing aletter to father on this day is a very adorable tradition that children follow to mark the celebration. They jot down on the piece of paper all of their feelings, their experiences and say thanks in the most innovative writing to make the father feel special. This tradition is these days, mostly accompanied with showering unique gifts to thefather, according to his taste.

Like many countries, India has also not remained untouched by Father’s Day passion. Sons and daughters, staying abroad start looking for online gift services well in advance and book the delivery too so that they can surprise their dads in the most pleasant manner. To make the tradition more interesting, they choose most innovative online gift service to India that can help them write heart-touching messages, get gift wraps and of course, ensure timely delivery.

Another tradition is to have a meal or two together with father on this day. People take time off their schedules and block the meal times to spend with the father so that they can enjoy quality time with the support system of their lives. Sometimes, kids become more adventurous and innovative and try cooking ameal for their doting parent. They also plan dinner or lunch date by visiting the favorite eating joint with daddy dearest and add surprise by presenting the gift there.

Father’s Day is certainly a day of emotions, love and bond and there cannot be any other moment as special as this to show to him how much he matters and that life is just unimaginable without him. So, visit thechurch, or buy him movie tickets or just book a spa for him to give him special treatment on this special day. The tradition of thegift is always there to stay.

Father’s Day across many countries

The tradition of celebrating Father’s Day differs from country to country, the dates, as well as reasons of celebrating it, are quite different too. For example, in Spain, March 19 is celebrated as Father’s Day, this day is actually the feast day of St Joseph there; this observance is in accordance with the Roman Catholic tradition. In Thailand, the birthday of thepresent ruling king is set as Father’s Day. India, like many countries, follows traditions borrowed from other countries. So, those children who are staying abroad send gifts to India following what their peers do in their country of stay.

Important ways of celebrations across the world

While some countries observe the holiday on Father’s Day, there is acountry called American Samoa where they observe this day on Second Sunday of August and on the very next day, i.e. Monday, a national holiday is observed.

Apart from it, there are countries where board games and certain cultural programs are organized in the honor of Father and they may be invited to see the events prepared by their kids. Also, in some countries, children start preparing for the day in advance and create handcrafted gifts to present to doting dad on his special day.

So, bring your creative side out this Father’s Day and say you love him in the most memorable way possible.