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Send gifts to India
Please click on "Offers in Confinement" for ordering now.

Please place your order at least 24 hours before the delivery date.
Orders outside Kolkata should be placed four business days before the delivery date.
Minimum order amount is $20.
Shipping charges outside Kolkata in West Bengal : USD 6.
Delivery charge within India : USD 9.
In India, we deliver perishable food items only in and around Kolkata.
For online orders outside India the shipping charge for the first item will be USD 25 and for each extra items, USD 10 will be added.
If any extra shipping charge is added erroneously to the cost in the transition period of the site's renovation, our admin section will promptly refund that part to the client .
Ichchhapuron.com will automatically charge your credit card as soon as you place the order.
If there is any problem in matching your profile information with the credit card billing address, the charge will be reversed immediately.
For check payment, your check should be cleared before delivery of the order, so place your order in advance.
Once your order gets placed and validated, the money cannot be refunded in case of cancellation of order. However, you can postpone the delivery to a later date.
For any other query, please mail to mail@Ichchhapuron.com
Our contact No. in Kolkata is (+91) 9831453213 / (+91) 9433975190
Our contact No. in USA is 1-732-985-1013 / 1-732-586-6274.